Coin Magnifier Recommendations

For coin collecting, we recommend a magnifier with minimum 5x magnification and up to 20x magnification to ensure you are able to see every detail of the coin being observed. A good magnifier will allow you to view dates on coins and other markings with ease.

A lighted handheld magnifier, such as the Carson MiniBrite 5x or the UltraOptix LED Lighted 7x Magnifier, are both good magnifiers at very reasonable prices that would work fine for looking at dates and other markings. 

For the serious coin collector, consider a high quality loupe, such as the Bausch and Lomb Hastings Triplet Loupe. These loupes have excellent optics and can be used for grading coins and looking at fine details. The Hastings Triplet is available in 7x, 10x, and 14x magnification. You may also want to consider a high quality handheld magnifier, such as the Eschenbach Mobilux 7x Lighted Magnifier.

If you need a lightweight coin magnifier to carry and use at a coin show or flea market, a pocket magnifier such as the Bausch & Lomb Folding Pocket Magnifier with 5x - 20x magnification is a versatile option.

For more information on how to choose a coin magnifier, PCI Coin Grading has an excellent article online: What Is The Best Magnifier to Use?

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