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Bausch & Lomb Folding Pocket Magnifier (4x) Bausch & Lomb Rectangular Magnifier 5x Lighted Magnifier UltraOptix
Bausch & Lomb Folding Pocket Magnifier (5x - 20x) UltraOptix Jumbo LED Lighted Magnifier Dome Magnifier
UltraOptix 5" Jumbo LED Lighted 2x Magnifier
Our Price: $23.99
Sale Price: $21.99
Dome Magnifier UltraOptix UltraDome - 3" diameter
Our Price: $33.99
Sale Price: $31.99
Carson DeskBrite Desk Lamp Magnifier Handcrafted Wood Handle 3x Magnifier by The Wood Jock 5x Magnifier | Carson MiniBrite
Magnifying Lamp Carson DeskBrite 200
Our Price: $31.99
Sale Price: $29.99
Carson MiniBrite 5x Magnifier
Our Price: $14.99
Sale Price: $11.99

Magnifying Glass and Magnifier Info

See It Bigger is Your Magnifier & Magnifying Glass Superstore! See It Bigger is the premier online destination for buying magnifiers and magnifying glasses with over 200 brand name magnifying glass products for you to choose from. Click on one of the links above to view our wide selection of popular magnifying glasses in the following categories: hand magnifier, hands-free magnifier, lighted magnifier, page magnifier, loupe magnifier, dome magnifiers, pocket magnifier, magnifying mirrors, portable microscopes, opera glasses and binoculars, and reading and specialty glasses. Magnifiers are great for reading, crafts, hobbies, industrial uses, forensics, exploring the outdoors, assisting people with low vision conditions and much, much more. We offer magnifying glass products with 1.5x to 130x magnification. We only carry and sell quality, brand name magnifiers from reputable companies at See It Bigger; so, rest assured you will receive a high quality magnifier glass. Remember: buy it today and See It Bigger tomorrow!

How to Choose The Best Magnifier, Magnifying Glass, Magnification Aid, and Low Vision Condition product: If you need to find and buy the best brand name magnifying glass to meet your specifications, the information below may help you make your selection. Please bear in mind that there will be overlap in our recommended uses of magnifiers. For example, for reading, you can use a hand held magnifier, a hands free magnifier, a page magnifier, a dome magnifier, etc., it just depends on your individual tastes, likes and requirements.

Hand Held Magnifiers are the most well-known type of magnifier and the most common type of magnifying glasses available on See It Bigger.  Handheld magnifiers usually consist of a magnifying lens attached to a handle -- think Sherlock Holmes type magnifier.  When choosing a handheld magnifier, keep in mind that the higher the magnification, the smaller the lens size. This is due to the optical properties of a magnifier.  A handheld magnifier with a 2x magnifying lens will generally have a lens diameter of about three to five inches.  A handheld magnifier with a 10x magnifying lens will generally have a lens diameter of less than(one and a half inches). Use this type of magnifying glass to help with reading (2x -4x); inspecting art work, antiques, stamps and coins (5x - 10x); viewing travel and topographical maps (3x - 6x); conducting forensic inspections (5x - 15x); inspecting driver's licenses and passports (5x - 10x); viewing architectural drawings and blueprints (3x - 5x); and looking at photographs and images (5x - 10x).

Hands Free Magnifiers are very popular and very useful because these types of magnifying glasses allow people to magnify objects while keeping both hands free. There are several different types of hands free magnifiers available, including tabletop magnifiers, magnifying lamps, head visor style magnifiers, stand magnifiers and over the neck magnifiers. Recommended uses for Hands Free Magnifiers include reading (2x); inspecting stamps and coins (3x - 10x); tying fly hooks for fishing (2x - 4x);  model building (2x to 4x); watch repair and inspecting jewelry (5x - 17x); needlepoint and other sewing crafts (2x-4x); detailed painting of very small objects (5x - 10x); and inspecting electrical work and wiring (5x - 7x).

Page Magnifiers and Bar Magnifiers are in demand because they help people see an entire page or a large section of text at one time. We sell a wide selection of page magnifiers and bar magnifiers on our website.  Many page magnifiers (especially larger size page magnifiers) are made with a Fresnel Lens. Fresnel Lens magnifiers require you to hold the magnifier between two and five inches above what you are trying to magnify to achieve optimal focus. Laying the magnifier directly on a page of reading material, for example, will not magnify the text.  A bar magnifier, on the other hand, is normally not made with a Fresnel Lens and can usually be placed directly on top of what you are trying to magnify.  Bar Magnifiers come in various lengths, from approximately 4 inches length to a 12 inch ruler size Bar Magnifier. Page Magnifiers and Bar Magnifiers are helpful for reading small print (2x - 3x); reviewing medical records, accounting documents and spreadsheets (2x - 3x); looking at census and genealogy records (2x - 4x); and magnifying blue prints (2x -4x).

Loupe, Linen Testers Magnifiers and Stand Magnifiers are sought after because these magnifying glasses are ideal for close-up inspection of subjects and will fit easily into your pocket, purse, handbag or backpack. At See It Bigger, we sell over 40 different magnifiers in this category. Use this type of magnifying glass to help with:  inspecting coins, stamps, paintings and antique prints (5x - 10x); inspecting identifications, licenses, passports and other official documents (5x - 10x); counting threads in linen (7x - 10x), conducting an analysis of fingerprints and hand writing samples (5x - 10x); inspecting film negatives (5x); and viewing jewelry and gemstones (5x - 20x). If you are not able to find the specific type of magnifier glass you are looking for, please call us to see if we can special order it for you.