Learn more about Magnifying Glass Necklaces

Suggested uses: reading labels while shopping, use around the house, menus

A magnifying glass necklace is a practical and functional choice for a magnifier. Best of all, you'll never forget where you put it!  It is always close at hand when you need it and is great for use around the house or on the go. Depending on the style you select, your magnifying glass necklace can also reflect your unique style.

You can try a simple, functional pendant magnifier for very low cost. The UltraOptix Pendant Magnifier is a 4x power magnifying glass necklace and costs less than $10.

Or, you may want to choose a versatile, lighted magnifying glass necklace that you can detach from its cord to and also use as a hand-held magnifier, such as the Carson Lighted MagniLook.

For a classy gift, consider the Eschenbach Magnifying Glass Necklace, available in either gold or silver.